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Monday, September 07, 2009

to my dearest brother-in-Christ (:
wanna thank ya for being such a great friend and brother all these while. Thank God for teaching me so much through you. Through your labour of love and how God transformed your love. I believe that He is always teaching us new things, moulding us more and more like Him each day.
Its gonna be a new chapter for you tomorrow onwards. Its gonna be a challenging journey, but definitely an enriching one :D jiayou kay. You'll be shining for Christ in your camp :D and its a good opportunity to reach out to the lost (:

ohhyeah there's something that i always wanna tell you. I'm not very sure why you call yourself nameless. but just wanna tell ya, to God, you're the treasured one, unique and special in His eyes. When ya feel nobody cares, He cares. Though we lose some on this Earth, we have gained so much more in Christ (: so yeah :D jiayoujiayoujiayoujiayou.

here's a song for ya, I always sing this to myself whenever i feel uncertain about the things that is ahead of me. This song tells us that though uncertain the path may be, we can rest in perfect peace because He's in control. (:

when life's burdens get so heavy and it seems I'm alone

I cast my eyes on Jesus and come boldly to His throne

and i find His grace sufficient when His promises I heed

for his very life His sacrifice and He lives to intercede

He is the Lord of Lords and when He speaks

winds and waves obey

and when Jesus whispers peace be still and darkness turns to day

and as I'm trusting in my saviour's word

doubts and fears all cease

and beneath the shelter of His wings

I'm at rest in perfect peace

we'll go to ikea someday after your BMT :D let's look forward for tt :)

complete in You 10:14 PM